Strategies for Success


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Strategies for Success
Sometimes, what's needed is not traditional counseling, which generally lasts for several sessions, or perhaps longer, but rather a few sessions working on solutions and/or alternatives for a variety of less complex issues:

- Tutoring: Learning and practicing study skills to achieve success in education and/or training. This service is available for all college students, age 18 and up. Some areas: English composition, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, first-year romance language (Spanish, French).

- Mentoring: in the world of work and business, developing effective strategies for teamwork, leadership, organizational politics, looking at issues of entrepreneurship, etc.

- Alternative and Complementary practices for finding peace, & developing balance, through meditation, creative visualization, intuitive abilities, and more.

- Self-Esteem work: developing a new perspective of your worth and potential.

- "Geek" lessons: for those struggling to understand and make the best use of a wide range of electronic devices. Even though kids know it all, sometimes it is easier to learn from another grown-up.

- Dating/Relationship Coaching: find the special person you're seeking, without settling for less than you truly deserve. Also, learning to negotiate a relationship (please note: this is for individuals only, while couples work better in a traditional counseling framework).

These are educational sessions, 45 minutes in length, which do not require the extensive background intake of counseling sessions, and do not require a typical counseling schedule. Fee range $45-75 depending upon income, and ability to pay. Insurance generally cannot be used for these services.

In addition to counseling, Cheryl Klein has extensive experience in all the above areas. In addition to earning a Master's degree Harvard University (M. Div., 1984), she has taught both undergraduate and graduate college courses, on site and online, at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC), Saint Joseph's College, University of New England, and York County Community College. Many of her published articles have appeared in the Maine Sunday Telegram as well as other local and national publications, including her own "Flying Solo" newsletter. Questions? Please ask!

Cheryl Klein, M. Div., LPasC
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